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President Norman Olaniran
Vice-President Alan Weatherley
Secretary Nick Morrissey
Treasurer Tina Williams
Membership Yasmin Anwar
Grounds Gerardo Ollala
Match Secretary James Trueman
Coaching Volkan Ozugur
Clubhouse Co-ordinator Michael Driscoll
Social Nushma Malik
Ladies Captain Alyson Rees
Mens Captain James Trueman
General Committee Umran Yusuf

Jack Stanford

Adil Mehdi

Peter Hems

Ophelia Soares

Rodrigo Prado

Raza Hussain
Welfare Officer Jenny Wallis
Social Media Nushma Malik

Trustee Taher Ahmed
Trustee Nick Morrissey
Trustee Alyson Rees

Bar Committee Tina Williams
Bar Committee Alan Bridges
Bar Committee Rob Wood
Bar Committee Neil Dennis
Bar Committee Gerardo Olalla
Bar Committee Sue Gregory
Bar Committee Ophelia Soares
Bar Committee Rob Lewis
Bar Committee Tom Feeney
Bar Committee VACANCIES

Club House Alarm Fob Holding

Most members of the Committee, the Bar Committee, the coaches and team leaders will hold alarm fobs and will endeavour to keep the Clubhouse open when they are present. However, the Club has now invested in a new 24/7 entrance at the back of the Clubhouse to facilities for the use of all members when the Club is locked and alarmed. You only need to use the normal code that you access the courts with to gain entrance. Please note that you must be a fob holder to access the main area of the Clubhouse when it is locked as it is alarmed and the Police will attend if the alarm is triggered. Please also note that the Club will endeavour to keep the Clubhouse open during social tennis but is under no obligation to do so.

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