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Full membership provides members with inclusive use of our tennis courts 365 days a year between dawn and dusk extended to 22.00 by using the floodlights which operate on a token system. Tokens can be purchased from the Token Vending Machine outside the Clubhouse at any time (instructions are inside the Clubhouse, and inside the door of the Machine Cupboard).

Court 1 requires four tokens per hour (15 minutes per token).

Courts 2&3, 4&5 and 6&7 each have one set of floodlights covering 2 courts and 5 tokens provides an hours play (12 minutes per token) for up to 8 players.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not leave used balls or any other rubbish on court.

Artificial Clay Court Care

When you have finished your set or match please leave the court in the condition you would wish to find it in.

There is a line cleaner in the back corner of the courts. Use this to clean the lines prior to dragging the courts and return to the corner when finished.

The court is to be dragged with the drag mats hanging at the back of the courts. Be sure the arrow on the top of the crossbar is facing up. Be sure to drag the entire court all the way to the edges. Return the mat and hang up on both hooks provided so the mat is hanging flat

And finally, when exiting the courts, dip your trainers in the foot bath and ensure all the clay material is removed from your shoes.
This is extremely important in order to stop cross contamination of the material to the artificial grass courts. When this foot bath tray becomes overloaded with red material, dump the contents of the tray into the bucket by the footbath and refill the footbath with water. Please do not dump the footbath contents onto the ground!

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