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Linkside offers various membership levels to suit your needs. Read through the information below, decide which membership is right for you and then download the correct application form from the membership drop-down menu above. Please note that Family and Adult Coaching membership options are included on the Senior Membership Form.

Applicants currently receiving state benefits or a state pension will be entitled to a 25% discount with proper copies of the relevant documentation submitted to the Membership Secretary. If you qualify for this discount, please check the appropriate section on the application form. Please remember that a separate form must be completed for each individual applying to join the club.

sessions (the visitor fee is £5.00 per session which will be subtracted from your membership fee if you choose to join) prior to joining to ensure that you and the club fit together well.

If you have any queries please contact Yasmin at:

Adult Membership

Adult: Join / Renew My Adult Membership

Junior Membership

Junior: Join / Renew My Junior Membership

SENIOR (19yr or over) MEMBERSHIP

Paid prior to 1 May Paid on or after 1 May
Full Playing Senior £260 £280
Age 19-25 £130 £140
Off Peak Senior* £130 £140
Country Senior** £130 £140
Honorary Senior £18 £18
Pensioner*** £195 £210
Unemployed*** £130 £140
Senior Coaching Membership £40 £40

Paid prior to 1 May Paid on or after 1 May
1 Adult + up to 4 under 19s
2 Adults + up to 4 under 19s £540

Paid prior to 1 May Paid on or after 1 May
Youth (16-18yrs)
Junior (9-15yrs)
Off Peak Youth*
Off Peak Junior*
Early Years (5-8yrs)
Tiny Tots (3-4yrs) £10 £10

* off peak members may NOT use the courts after 6.00pm on weekdays, after 1.00pm on Saturdays and may NOT use the courts at any time on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Off peak members are also excluded from playing in club tournaments and teams.

** to qualify for Country Membership you must live at least 25 miles away from the club.

*** the 25% discount has been applied to the fees shown but are subject to approval pending receipt of the relevant documentation.

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